Portability Estate Tax Definition

Portability Estate Tax Definition

Portability Estate Tax Definition. The exemption is subtracted from the value of estate assets, with the result being subject to the estate tax. The portability election is made by timely filing an estate tax return for the deceased spouse’s estate (including extensions).

Portability Estate Tax DefinitionPortability Estate Tax Definition
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It is recommended that individuals and couples with substantial assets create an estate plan with the help of an attorney to help them minimize their federal tax liability. The current estate tax exemption is $5.43 million ($5 million with adjustments for inflation). The portability election is made by timely filing an estate tax return for the deceased spouse’s estate (including extensions).

Portability Is A Provision In Federal Estate Tax Law That Allows A Surviving Spouse To Use Any Of The Unused Estate And Gift Tax Exemption After The Deceased Spouse’s Death.

Meaning, the amount of the estate tax exemption that was not used for the deceased spouse. If you have questions regarding estate planning, portability law, estate tax. This means that a married couple’s total estate tax exemption is currently $10.86 million ($10.86 million in 2015).

The Executor Makes The Portability Election By Filing A Federal Estate Tax Return For The First Deceased Spouse.

2001 (b) (1) on the estate of the deceased spouse. Portability can be used to protect the surviving spouse from having to pay steep gift or estate taxes upon a spouse's death. It can be used in any of the four ways listed above.

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The Exemption Is Subtracted From The Value Of Estate Assets, With The Result Being Subject To The Estate Tax.

On the state level, the exclusion is considerably lower than the federal exclusion at just $5.49 million. As a result, you could face exposure to the state estate tax even if you are exempt from the federal tax. So, this is a discussion you can have with the family to make sure they understand the cost and the potential benefits of portability and they can.

If The Portability Election Is Filed In Time, The Entire Estate Of $6.0 Million Will Be Named Under The Wife.

Portability has been part of the law since late in 2010. Portability is the ability for the surviving spouse to use the deceased spouse’s unused estate and gift tax exclusion after the deceased spouse’s death. In particular, for the executor of a 2011 estate to make a portability (i.e., deceased spouse unused exclusion amount) election, the executor is required.

In Other Words, If Your Assets Are Worth $11.2 Million Or Less At The Time Of Your Death (And You Have Not Used Any Of Your Combined Estate And Gift Tax Exemption), Your Estate Owes No Estate Tax.

In its most basic form, portability allows a married couple to claim double the estate tax exemptions. Currently, the federal estate tax exemption is $11,400,000 per spouse. As of january 1, 2018, the estate tax exemption for individuals is $11.2 million, adjusted for inflation.