Are Tax Records Accurate For Square Footage

Are Tax Records Accurate For Square Footage

Are Tax Records Accurate For Square Footage. Tax records shows the home is 600 sq ft larger. Square footage will affect your home’s assessed value, but it also has an affect on how much property tax you pay.

Are Tax Records Accurate For Square FootageAre Tax Records Accurate For Square Footage
Time to Start Suing Realtors® for Inaccurate Square Footage Home from

Many real estate brokers and agents rely on the square footage contained in the tax assessor’s records. The listings that had more accurate square footage from an appraiser or blueprints sold quicker and for a higher sp/lp ratio. The risks of using square footage from tax records january 29 2019 every agent and broker knows they should have accurate square footage that they measured themselves or hired a professional for, yet many today still rely on square footage listed in public records without any verification of accuracy.

It Is Essential To Note That The Tax Data That Listing Agents Refer To On The Mls May Not Be Updated According To The County Assessor’s Data.

I think those that use tax records for most anything, even land area square feet or acres are misrepresenting. It’s as accurate as the listing agent makes it. Public records has no responsibility or interest in the information the real estate industry needs.

In Hoiike, The Public Records Listed The Property At 11,050 Square Feet With 9,434 Square Feet Of Living Area, While Marketing Fliers Listed Approximately 15,000.

This seems ot be a. And they did change it after i sent them pictures but tax records are often inaccurate. Thus, the task of assessing square footage should be one of the most important in the process of market evaluation.

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If The Actual Measurements Result In More Square Footage Than The County Tax Assessment Office Has Recorded, Using The Higher Square Footage Calculation Could Increase The Value Of.

Appraisal came back with 2055 for my hml. Providing inaccurate or conflicting square footage of a home can lead to a real estate lawsuit. Is the square footage accurate?

A Fresh Home Appraisal Will Serve As Proof If An Agent Asks For Recent Square Footage Data.

Tax records shows the home is 600 sq ft larger. Can a seller lie about square footage? If you believe that the public records are inaccurate, you should contact your local assessment department to request that the data be reviewed.

The Only Source That Agents Use That I Still See As A Problem Is County Records.

What gets recorded is what is called technical square footage, as opposed to salable square footage, and. Mls must be the true “source” of square footage data and tax records should move to the bottom of the square footage “source” list. Tax measures are taken outside, but not inside.